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Scientific Computing App

Scientific Computing

High performance computing with large data sets require fast throughput and undelayed access to multiple streams of data, with uninterrupted continous read & write performance. With multi-volume capability of all our RAID subsystems and zoning features of our 12G expanders, you can partition your drives in such a way to minimize disk-head contention and achieve rapid access to your dataset. Best products for this application are our new Dual Controller DAS and SAN systems.

Dual Controller SAN Subsystems

Dual SAS RAID Subsystems

Database Storage App

Database Storage

Database storage relies on three primary factors: performance, availability and capacity. Our SAS systems provide highest possible throughput for your database servers. Dual controller redundant-everything systems with state-of-the-art RAID controllers ensure continuous availability of the database for your operations. With our JBOD expansion chassis and online capacity expansion capabilities, keeping pace with your database growth is easy.

Dual SAS RAID Subsystems

12G SAS Expander JBOD Enclosures

Backup App

Backup Target

Even with RAID 6 storage, there are a lot of scenarios that could lead to data loss: multiple hard drive failures, virus attacks, file system errors, storage driver errors, power issues, user errors, fire, theft, misuse and even natural disasters.  RAID Machine offers several different levels of storage that could serve as reliable and fast backup targets both as direct attached and network storage. Most units are compatible with desktop-grade hard drives to lower your backup costs.

12G SAS Expander JBOD Enclosures

12G SAS Direct Connect JBODs

Surveillance App


Surveillance storage solutions should offer high capacity and uninterrupted access to multiple streams of video. Our SAS systems and dual controller SANs offer very high performance coupled with ease of expansion, while the entry level SANs, designed with video surveillance in mind, provide you with multiple network connections and low cost of entry while being optimized for A/V recording.

Dual Controller SAN Subsystems

Hybrid DAS/SAN Subsystems

Video Editing App

Video Editing

The high performance and capacity requirements of video editing mandate either a high speed SAS-based DAS solution or when the entire team needs access to the data, a high speed NAS attached through 10gbE ports. When you need even higher performance, a FC16 SAN can be utilized with a distributed file system for direct-attached-like performance. RAID Machine provides you with solutions at all these levels.

Open-E NAS/SAN Subsystems

Dual Controller SAN Subsystems

Virtualization App


VMware or Hyper-V servers need access to high speed SANs to provide satisfactory performance for the VMs. In addition, the storage needs to be uninterrupted and highly reliable since multiple VMs rely on it. Our dual controller high availability SANs are perfect for this role, and will also serve as shared storage for high availability VM clusters. RAID Machine SAS subsystems go one step further and offer the same functionality with super-fast SAS links.

Dual Controller SAN Subsystems

Dual SAS RAID Subsystems