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The Sweet Spot in Data Storage

Since 2013, RAID Machine is committed to bringing high quality, high performance storage solutions to the market at affordable prices. We offer high performance rackmount RAID and JBOD storage systems, including 12G and 6G SAS Direct Attached Storage, iSCSI & Fibre Channel SAN, high-end NAS systems,  and redundant controller high availability versions of these models. With headquarters in Saint Louis, Missouri, RAID Machine is in a strategic location to deliver product to customers across the country. Our staff has 20+ years of experience in data storage business, specializing in low-cost, reliable and top-quality solutions for small to medium size businesses.


RAID Machine designs each product focusing on practical functionality, class leading performance, high reliability and ease of maintenance. Each design is continuously upgraded and tweaked as technology advances based on feedback from our customers, with hundreds of units deployed in the field. We keep defect rates to an absolute minimum through rigorous quality assurance and burn-in testing for each unit.


The number one complaint in our industry is lackluster technical support, customer service and product information. Promised support from big brands repeatedly fails to materialize in practice. We aim to make a difference by making sure our customers can reach a knowledgeable tech right away, who will stay on the phone with them as long as it takes to resolve their issues fully. If you prefer to email us, we get back to you rapidly with clear and comprehensive answers.


In an environment where quality is often inversely proportional to the price tag, we are an exception. By keeping our margins low, and refusing to sacrifice quality, we enable our customers to get the best value out of their budget and meet all their requirements. Our systems are competitive with products that have much higher price points, often with better support and peace of mind. Additionally, we offer peerless pre-sales guidance, free of buzzwords, and focusing on providing you with the exact solution to match your needs.